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Professional Auto Detailer

N.E.D AUTO DETAILING is your professional detailing service in Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding areas. Whether you need your personal vehicle cleaned or a commercial fleet, our team is here for you. Our services include car waxing, paint correction, glass restoration, and more. Give us a call now to request a free quote or estimate!

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Improve the aesthetic appeal of your car with my help here at N.E.D AUTO DETAILING in Las Vegas, Nevada. I provide a wide range of auto detailing services for residential and commercial vehicles. From paint correction to plastic restoration, I have you covered. Call now to schedule an appointment!

Our Services include:

Car Washing

Car Waxing
Full Detailing

Paint Correction*

Ceramic Coating Application

Car Sealant Application

Headlight and Glass Restoration
Scratches Removed


*Please note that I do correction by  machine

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide auto detailing services that will help my clients maintain the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their vehicles.

Our Services

Car Washing

Car Waxing

Full Detailing

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